Short Sleeve Ringer Tee - Black Xl
Short Sleeve Ringer Tee - Black Xl
Short Sleeve Ringer Tee - Black Xl
Short Sleeve Ringer Tee - Black Xl
Short Sleeve Ringer Tee - Black Xl
Short Sleeve Ringer Tee - Black Xl
Short Sleeve Ringer Tee - Black Xl
Short Sleeve Ringer Tee - Black Xl
Short Sleeve Ringer Tee - Black Xl
Short Sleeve Ringer Tee - Black Xl

Short Sleeve Ringer Tee - Black Xl

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Rose Wholesale
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    Material: Cotton
    Shirt Length: Regular
    Sleeves Length: Short
    Collar: Crew Neck
    Style: Casual
    Season: Summer
    Pattern Type: Striped
    Weight: 0.2500kg
    Package: 1 x T-shirt

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    Friday Favorites (with family pictures!)

    It’s Friday, so y’all know what that means! It’s time to link up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci to let everybody know what some of my favorite things are right now! I’ve received so many encouraging messages and e-mails from you ladies about my GET HEALTHY post. Apparently I’m not the only one who gains and loses a significant amount of weight each year. #SOLIDARITYYALL If you missed that post, click HERE to get ideas on exercise, meals, and cute work out gear (spoiler alert: you must get some of these pants)! At the bottom of the post, I also share my entire weight loss journey from a couple of years ago and you’ll get to see how much weight I lost each week! ************************************************ LOFT is 40% OFF right now, and his is what I ordered yesterday…just click on what you are interested in! I won’t keep it all, but I’m excited to try it all and pick my favorites! ************************************************ BACK IN STOCK!!! BACK IN STOCK!!! BACK IN STOCK!!! I always hate it when I highlight an item for y’all, and then it sells out immediately. I feel like such a tease :), and I feel terrible when you have your hearts set on an item that is no longer available. Well, there are several items I’ve talked about in the past that are now BACK! IN! STOCK! First up, this waterfall suede jacket! I fell in love with it a couple of months ago, but I only showed it once because it felt unfair to keep sharing it when y’all couldn’t get it! WELL, IT’S BACK BABY! The suede drape front jacket doesn’t feel like a jacket at all. It feels like a buttery layer that is soft, stretchy, and keeps you warm. But it’s definitely jacket-like. Jacket-ish if you will. All you really need to know is that it’s awesome. I really like the $19 tee from the BP department (which I shop A LOT) too. The BP department has a lot of AMAZING deals (like my earrings and necklace below that are both under $15!), and you don’t need to be afraid that it’s considered the junior’s section. (My totally chic leopard clutch that sooooo many of you have is also from this department.) As you can see, the tee is longer than a regular t-shirt and looks great out. You can also do a half tuck. For size reference, I’m wearing a small in the tee, a medium in the jacket, and a 27 in the jeans. striped side slit tee/ suede drape front jacket / necklace / double hoop earrings/ jeans /leopard belt / MUST HAVE boots The blardigan sweater is back too! And now they have it in black!!!! I LOVE the front pocket, I LOVE the thumb holes, and I OF COURSE LOVE that it’s blardigan fabric. Things are just so soft when they are woven by angels. (It’s 75% nylon and 25% rayon just like the original blardigan, the baby blardigan, and the hooded blardigan). For size reference, I sized up to a medium for a little room. Now, if I had designed it myself, I would have changed two things: I would prefer the neck to be smaller and for the length to be a bit longer. Those two things would just up the cozy factor. Still, I’m keeping the sweater. blardigan sweater / necklace / jeans / MUST HAVE boots Speaking of blardigans, this cardi is back and STILL ON SALE! It looks very similar to the hooded blardigan, but it doesn’t actually have a hood. It’s 33% OFF, and as y’all know, Barefoot Dreams items rarely go on sale! The last BACK IN STOCK alert today is for these skinny cargo pants! I’m wearing them here with my “like buttah” tee! For size reference: I’m wearing a small in the tee and a 27P in the pants (I’m almost 5’4″). fringe infinity scarf / like buttah tee / army green skinny cargo pants (plus size pants HERE)/ booties ON SALE ************************************************ As part of my Ambassadorship with Sole Society, each month I will be highlighting items from their new lines! Last month I fell in love with these mules (the least mule-ish mules I’ve ever seen!), and I’m sooooo excited about today’s new items! This month I chose these booties and this small cross body bag. Last week I showed you an outfit I was planning with my red twist front sweater, and today I’ve got the outfit to show you! The booties have sassy cut outs on them, and the small size of this crossbody is what I’m seeing everywhere! It’s smaller than I would typically carry, but I thought it was lots of fun! twist front fleece top / $18 earrings / necklace / jeans / leopard belt / booties care of Sole Society / bag care of Sole Society Here are two more outfits I’ve planned to show you the versatility of the boots and bag. All I’ve done in the next two pictures is just change out the top. Everything else in the outfit is the same! The darling sweater is 40% OFF right now. I love the layered look and the side ties! side tie 2:1 sweater/ $18 earrings / necklace / jeans / leopard belt / booties care of Sole Society / bag care of Sole Society And I don’t think you can ever go wrong in stripes and a cardi. For size reference, I wear a medium in the tee (I sized up), a small in the cardi, and a 27 in the jeans (both true to size). The classic striped tee is one of the favorite items in my closet, and I’ve had so much fun wearing the long grey cardi! AND IT’S ON SALE! striped tee / long grey cardi ON SALE / $18 earrings / necklace / jeans / leopard belt / booties care of Sole Society / bag care of Sole Society Thank you to Sole Society for sponsoring this portion of the post! *************************************************** I think I showed you a couple of these pictures back in the summer when we had them done….and I know you saw the family picture when I posted our Christmas card….but I wanted to have them all in the same place! Family pictures are not something we do every year…in fact, we’ve never had them professionally done. #gasp Here’s the deal: puppies can be pretty persuasive, so this year was our year. I had asked Narci to take pictures of Carter and the pups the week we got them. Well, about an hour before meeting Narci, I decided to hop in the shower and throw on some make up…you know, just in case I decided to jump in one. And then about 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave, Chris noticed that I was doing my hair and make up, so he threw on a polo and ran a brush through his hair. AND Y’ALL! LOOK AT THE FINISHED PRODUCT. I’m so happy we have these as a reminder of such a precious time in our lives! Thank you for the pictures, Narci! I will always treasure them! ********************************************* And last, but not least…If you missed my Bachelor recap, click HERE! Even if you don’t watch the show you should check it out! I have sooooooo many readers that say they don’t watch the show, but they still enjoy the recaps! I mean, even if you don’t watch, you need to find out what’s going on here…. I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend with their friends and family! The post Friday Favorites (with family pictures!) appeared first on Sheaffer Told Me To.

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