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3 Ways to Keep Your Cool This Holiday

This happens every year. I swear that by December 1st I am going to have any and all of my holiday shopping complete. I don’t know who I’m kidding {ha!}. It’s not that I am late to the party, I’m just super duper OCD and like to get everything checked off my list as quickly as humanly possible. I, like everyone, find this time of the year to fly by faster than you can say “Ho Ho Ho” and I’ve been doing my absolute best to try to not stress and slow down the countdown. 01. Schedule in a time to check holiday shopping off of your list and order everything online. I know that shopping for presents in person feels nostalgic, but imagine having everything done and being able to truly enjoy an evening stroll around the shops. Not only have I put together a hefty list of gift guides as inspiration {click here} but this post is created in partnership with rag & bone and you can find several wonderful gift items included throughout, including the mini-compass bag that I’m carrying here. 02. Make a list, check it twice. I try to prioritize my lists and double check it every morning and evening. It keeps me motivated when I get to cross something off and shows progress made at the end of a long day. 03. My therapist recently told me to take a 20 minute time out break, just for me. I spend 20 minutes a day doing something that is 100% dedicated to slowing down my breath, my mind and truly focusing on what the holiday season is all about. What is your secret weapon to surviving the holiday season? Leave a comment below! rag & bone Mini Compass Bag I absolutely love this little black bag. It is the perfect bag to grab on the go. If you know someone who loves simple yet great quality bags, I would suggest gifting them this little number. Shop Now rag & bone Billfold Wallet This is a great gift for the man in your life who loves nice things, but steers away from labels. It's clean, classic and he'll love it. Shop Now rag & bone Ace Cashmere Gloves Gloves are one of those things that no one loves to buy for themselves, yet it's a piece that stands the test of time. Shop Now rag & bone Thank You Tee Your recipient will Thank you Thank you Thank you for this tee. Shop Now rag & bone Sampler Box I love receiving fragrance sample sets because it not only gives you a chance to test out which scent will be your favorite, but they're the perfect size to pop into a purse. Shop Now rag & bone Horseshoe Keychain Have good style is all in the details. How cool is this horseshoe keychain? Shop Now This post was created in partnership with rag & bone, however all opinions and words remain my own. What I’m Wearing

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