Plus Size Cold Shoulder Color Block Top - 4xl
Plus Size Cold Shoulder Color Block Top - 4xl
Plus Size Cold Shoulder Color Block Top - 4xl
Plus Size Cold Shoulder Color Block Top - 4xl
Plus Size Cold Shoulder Color Block Top - 4xl
Plus Size Cold Shoulder Color Block Top - 4xl
Plus Size Cold Shoulder Color Block Top - 4xl
Plus Size Cold Shoulder Color Block Top - 4xl

Plus Size Cold Shoulder Color Block Top - 4xl

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    Material: Polyester
    Shirt Length: Regular
    Sleeve Length: Short
    Collar: Round Neck
    Style: Fashion
    Season: Summer
    Pattern Type: Others
    Weight: 0.3300kg
    Package Contents: 1 x Top

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    Style It Again, Sheaffer!

    Hey, Ladies! Happy Monday! Last month I did a post where I took a plaid infinity scarf and a white tee, and I styled it 6 different ways. I received lots of great feedback from y’all on the post, with many of you commenting about how you really appreciated seeing the same items in tons of different outfits, because that’s how we all dress! I mean, none of us wear something one time and then call it quits. We wear it, and wear it, and wear it again. And then throw it over a chair. And then wear it again. Or maybe that’s just me. After all of your feedback on that white tee and scarf post, a monthly series was born (in my mind), and today is the 1st installment! I’m going to call it “Style It Again, Sheaffer!”. I’m hoping these posts will inspire everybody to take a much loved piece of clothing and rethink it in a new and creative way. If you’re like me, you probably get stuck in style ruts. For example, if you are in the mood to wear your favorite military jacket, you might always reach for your grey tee and blue jeans to go with it. That’s a great outfit! But in this series, I will make additional outfits with the same military jacket. I might pair it with a black top and grey jeans with scarf…..or maybe even a blush sweater and white jeans with a simple gold necklace. Some changes you’ll see will be simple, and others will be more out of the box. I can guarantee you this…you will get TONS of new outfit ideas for items that many of you already own. Let’s start out with this turquoise fleece top that I first showed y’all last week. TURQUOISE FLEECE TOP: Style It Again, Sheaffer In the original look, I simply paired the top with white jeans and a favorite necklace. Because the top was a bright turquoise, I new it would look great with white jeans. I took the outfit into fall with my suede bag and boots, and the agate necklace with multi color beads pulled it all together. This top is one of the Gibson fleece tops that I’ve been raving about, and this one comes in 4 additional colors. This particular top has an interesting neckline and cute little side ties (that don’t come up too high). It’s crazy soft, super cozy, and perfect for layering (because it’s not at all bulky). For size reference, I’m wearing a small in the top and a 27 in the jeans. The boots are true to size as well. side tie top / necklace care of Accessory Concierge/ white jeans / pleated fringe boots care of Sole Society / oversize tote care of Sole Society Style It Again, Look #2 For the 2nd look with this top, I just made an easy switch. For a more monochromatic look, I switched out the colorful necklace for this neutral fringe scarf. This particular scarf is supposedly “grey” per the online description, but I think it’s more of a taupe color. AND Y’ALL. It’s currently ON SALE for $8.98. Buy one for yourself and every lady on your Christmas list. #whilesupplieslast side tie top / fringe scarf/ earrings /white jeans / pleated fringe boots care of Sole Society Style It Again, Look #3 And because I couldn’t help myself, I also styled it with our beloved plaid infinity scarf. At the current time, this particular colorway keeps going in and out of stock (but as of last night at 7:30 it was available!). However, because I know that so many of you already have this scarf, I had to show how great it looks with this particular turquoise top. side tie top / plaid scarf/ earrings /white jeans / pleated fringe boots care of Sole Society / oversize tote care of Sole Society Here are the looks side by side. This top would also look great with both black (click HERE for a great pair) and grey jeans. I’m not sure how much I would love this color with regular blue jeans (it would depend on the wash), but the other colors in the top would all look great with regular denim. ***************************************************************** BUFFALO CHECK CAPE: Style It Again, Sheaffer You’ve already seen this buffalo check cape styled two ways. The first outfit I showed you was an obvious choice: a black top and denim. The taupe booties were maybe a bit unexpected, but you don’t often find me matching my booties to the rest of the outfit because I like to keep it interesting with a contrasting color. Even if this was the only look I would ever wear with the cape, I would still love the cape. HOWEVER, I have three more outfits with this cape for you today to show you how versatile it is! buffalo check cape / like buttah tee / necklace / earrings / articles of society jeans / booties ON SALE The second look I showed you was with grey jeans and my must have boots! I liked the interest the brown boots added, and the leopard belt made the whole outfit even better. buffalo check cape / like buttah tee / necklace / earrings / leopard belt / similar grey jeans HERE and similar distressed grey jeans HERE / MUST HAVE boots But I didn’t stop there ladies….now I’ve styled it two more ways! Style It Again, Look #3 This was an easy change by just switching out my black tee for a white tee. I also changed my jewelry. Switching out the tee colors was an obvious choice, but it made a really big impact on the overall look of the outfit. buffalo check cape /white tee/ necklace/ earrings care of Sole Society/ articles of society jeans / booties ON SALE Style It Again, Look #4 This 4th outfit is by far the most out of the box combo. I stretched myself with this one, wondering if the cape would look good with white jeans. Well…..the white jeans really transformed the cape and gave the outfit a much brighter overall look, and I ended up LOVING it. buffalo check cape /grey sweater / earrings care of Sole Society/ white jeans / pleated fringe boots care of Sole Society Here are all 4 looks side by side. And I think the grey sweater and white jeans might just be my favorite combo! Thinking out of the box can sometimes pay off!!! ***************************************************************** RED TWIST FRONT TOP: Style It Again Okay, so this is another option in the line of Gibson fleece tops,with a total of 7 various styles total to choose from. Specifically, this is the twist front top that actually comes in 12 total colors. When I first showed you the outfit, I wore it simply with regular jeans and a gold statement necklace. The red is just so cheerful, and I thought it would be perfect for the holidays, so I couldn’t resist adding it to my collection! I’m wearing a small, which is true to size for me. It’s quite roomy, particularly around the hips, so if you have a smaller chest you might consider sizing down. twist front top / necklace (type Dalilah in the search bar)/ jeans / booties ON SALE These jeans. Let’s talk about these jeans for a second. Like I told you a couple of weeks ago, my pajama jeans were feeling too summery to me now with the light wash, so these babies are my new GO TOs. At 5’4″ I have to cuff them to be ankle length on me, which is good news for you taller ladies! I’m wearing a 27, so they are true to size. They suck you in, but still allow you to breathe. #myfavoritecombination Style It Again, Look #2 For an easy switch up, I simply traded in the necklace for the plaid scarf. Yes, again. I couldn’t help myself, it’s like they were made for each other. Gosh this is a festive outfit!!!! If you have the scarf, you should probably go ahead and get the top. Talk about perfect for a casual holiday party! twist front top /plaid scarf/ jeans / booties ON SALE Style It Again, Look #3 This outfit is my favorite of the bunch! I kept on the same jeans, but I paired the top with my hot pink Kendra Scott necklace and my new Modern Leopard tote. My tote arrived last Friday, and it’s actually what inspired me to put this outfit together. I chose the pink and red combo for my stripe and monogram, and I’m totally smitten with it. I wore my brown MUST HAVE boots to compliment the brown leather accents on the tote, and I thought the whole outfit turned out great. Pink and red together is a bold choice, but on the rare occasions that I do it, I always end up loving it. Don’t forget to use the code STMTsave10 for 10% OFF your entire Barrington order. twist front top / hot pink tassel necklace/ jeans / MUST HAVE boots / modern leopard tote c/o Barrington Here are all 3 looks. And I can think of at least 3 more combos right off the top of my head that would look great with this top. **************************************************************** GREY TIE FRONT TOP: Style It Again Yep. I’m wearing another one of the fleece tops in the next several outfits. #icanthelpit Just like the other ones, this look great on it’s own, but it’s also PERFECT FOR LAYERING since it isn’t bulky. Oh, and perhaps most importantly….FLATTERING AS ALL GET OUT. I actually think this tie front option is my favorite of the bunch (because I think it’s the most flattering), so I’m disappointed that it only comes in 3 other colors. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they add some additional colors. You saw this first outfit last week, and the top was styled very simply. And man, the outfit was all sorts of comfy. I’m wearing a small in the top and have plenty of room. The site suggests sizing down, but I went with my regular small. tie front top / white jeans /slim profile UGG boots Style It Again, Look #2 Nothing earth shattering here, but I switched out my white jeans for my blue jeans…and I switched out my ugg boots for my taupe booties. I want y’all to pay special attention to my earrings (a great inexpensive option to my Gorgjana hoops) and my necklace! I got both over the weekend from the BP department (which means they are both super affordable), and I love both of them….but I’m straight up obsessed with the necklace. It’s pretty and dainty, and it looks much more expensive than it is. tie front top / double hoop earrings / necklace / jeans / oversize tote care of Sole Society/ booties ON SALE Style It Again, Look #3 Confession……I saw this scarf on my friend Erika‘s blog a couple of weeks ago. I was immediately taken with it because I thought it had this great homemade look, and I thought of a friend who I thought it might be perfect for (so I threw it in my cart to see if I wanted to give it to her for Christmas). Spoiler Alert: she’s getting it. Because it’s awesome. (She doesn’t read my blog, so I’m not giving anything away to her.) This scarf truly does look homemade to me! Now, if you’re not a scarf person (like, if you aren’t used to wearing a scarf), then this scarf probably isn’t for you. It does have some bulk to it, and it might be hard to get used to for some. As you can see, it’s even large enough to style like a shawl/cape. tie front top / double hoop earrings / necklace / fringe scarf/ jeans / booties ON SALE This grey top can be styled at least 10 other ways…..and you will continue to see it on my blog, so you will continue to see it in different outfits! Oh, and just in case you are totally crushing on these fleece tops like I am…NOW THERE IS A CARDIGAN. #whoah There aren’t any reviews on it yet, and to be honest it doesn’t look that cute on any of the models, but I’m still 100% intrigued by it’s potential. So don’t worry, I ordered it last night and will hopefully have it to show you by Friday. **************************************************************** I hope this post was helpful to all of you! Like I said, this is going to be a monthly series! Wearing clothes over and over again is something that I actually do in my real life, so now I will start calling attention to it during this series each month. For example, here’s the fringe scarf in a couple of different outfits you’ve already seen (and remember, I styled it with the turquoise sweater above too)! And here are just a handful of outfits with my long grey cardi, that’s NOW 50% OFF (making it right under $30)!!! It comes in black too. And just for grins. I put this outfit together with all items from the Nordstrom sale… faux leather waterfall jacket / necklace / jeans / bracelets / clutch / booties Hope y’all enjoyed the post!!!!! Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. I had so much fun putting this post together, so I’m hoping y’all were inspired! The post Style It Again, Sheaffer! appeared first on Sheaffer Told Me To.

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