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4 tips for styling oversized sweaters.

Sweater. Jeans.(also similar here and here.) J.Crew Factory Pom Beanie. Booties. Also similar here and here. Bag. Necklace. Last week, I finally went through my closet (more on this later, it was an experience) and packed away all my overtly summer clothes. I’ve never been a huge switch out my wardrobe person, but my closet in our old farmhouse is much, much smaller, so this is a necessity. Of course, as soon as I finished packing away all my warm-weather clothes, it went back up to 80 degrees this weekend. Really hoping Connecticut decides to commit to fall weather after this. I’m ready to dress for cooler weather. Oversized sweaters are one of the staple pieces to my fall uniform. I love me a good slouchy sweater, so cozy for the colder months. But oversized sweaters can also be tricky to style, especially if you’re petite. I want to look slouchy and casual without getting swallowed up in my sweater or worse, looking frumpy. So today, I thought I would share a few tips for styling oversized sweaters. First, look for sweaters that are intentionally oversized, rather than just going up a couple sizes. While it’s true I do often size up for a slouchy fit, I don’t do it as much with sweaters, because they are a bulkier piece, the extra room ends up in the wrong places, like on the shoulders or under the arms and around the hips; i.e. not places I want to add extra bulk. If the sweater is intentionally oversized, it will still be cut right for your shoulders, etc, and you’ll get a nice slouchy fit, instead of looking like the stay-puff marshmallow man. Second, balance the proportions. Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” This is always important when you’re getting dressed. So if you’re wearing a loose oversized sweater on top, opt for a more fitted bottom. This could be anything from a great pair of skinny jeans, to a sleek pencil skirt. If you go slouchy on top, slouchy on bottom you’ll end up looking like the baggy-saggy elephant. (anyone else remember that kids book?) Anyway, of course there are always exceptions to every rule, (even I have broken this one) but when in doubt, remember to balance the proportions. Third, try a half tuck. The half-tuck is one the ultimate weapons in my style arsenal. If you put on any top and it’s just not hanging right, try a half tuck. This is especially great with oversized sweaters, and I love that it adds a little element of surprise to the outfit, because it’s not as common to tuck a sweater. My trick to perfecting my half tuck? Just tuck it right in the middle by your pants button, and then carefully pull out the sides. Always do it in front of the mirror and fidget with it until it looks just right. After you do it a few times, you’ll become a pro, I promise. Last, opt for lighter weight sweaters. I love me a good chunky knit sweater, but if you’re going oversized and it feels like you’re swimming in bulk try a lighter-weight knit. It will hang better and look relaxed without adding the appearance of extra pounds. Sweater. Jeans.(also similar here and here.) J.Crew Factory Pom Beanie. Booties. Also similar here and here. Bag. Necklace. SaveSaveSaveSave The post 4 tips for styling oversized sweaters. appeared first on dress cori lynn.

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