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Lush's Newest Launch Looks Like A Bath Bomb — But Is Way More Hydrating

Lush may have more bath products than you can count on both hands and feet, but after last year's announcement that the brand would be discontinuing some of its cult items, we were fully prepared for more innovative launches in 2018. Luckily, Lush delivered the goods — and just dropped 17 (!) solid bath oils. Starting January 5, you'll be able to get your hands on the entire range. Similar to the bath bombs that made the company famous, this new product can be dropped into a warm tub and will explode with intoxicating essential oils to put you in any mood. Whether you want to feel grounded, energized, or relaxed, Lush has you covered. Even better? Like most of its products, these come sans packaging — so you can feel good about lightening your carbon footprint when buying in bulk. (Even the shimmer is made of synthetic mica, so it's safe for the environment.) If your new year resolution includes meditating, committing to rolling out that yoga mat every week, or just taking more baths, these solid oils will put you right on track. Click ahead to check out the entire collection. Mood: Grounded This peppermint, oakwood absolute, and chamomile-infused orb is more relaxing than a cup of hot tea. Lush Oil On Troubled Water, $7.95, available January 5 at Lush. When your sensitive skin hits its breaking point, try this powerhouse of soothing oat, lavender, and cocoa butter. Plus, once the butters melt away, you're left with a muslin bag of soft oats for a gentle physical exfoliating treat. Lush Ceridwen’s Cauldron, $12.95, available at Lush. When you've run out of vacation days, but need to get away — even if it is in your tiny NYC bathtub — this neroli oil and mimosa absolute solid will transport you to paradise. Lush Furze, $5.95, available January 5 at Lush. Is there anything more romantic than treating yourself to a tub filled with hand-rolled delphinium petals? We think not. Lush Flower’s Barrow, $7.95, available January 5 at Lush. Mood: Energized Just in time to fight the winter blues, this burst of berry blends with lime oil, bergamot oil, and violet leaf absolute will perk you right up. Lush Razzle Dazzle, $5.95, available at Lush. When you're working on that new year vision board, take a whiff of the Brazilian orange and neroli oil scent and get ready for all the happy thoughts. Lush Happy Thoughts, $5.95, available at Lush. Escape your deadline stress — and sinus congestion — with this blend of lime, black pepper oil, and pine needle absolute. Lush Delight, $6.95, available January 5 at Lush. This mix of grapefruit and tangerine oil will propel you straight into summer — even if it's below zero outside. Lush Magnificent, $5.95, available January 5 at Lush. Channel your star power this year with this fizzer, infused with more peppermint than a candy cane. Lush Double Vitality, $5.95, available January 5 at Lush. While the mango scent takes your mind to tropical waters, the avocado butter moisturizes your body from head to toe. Win-win. Lush You’ve Been Mangoed, $5.95, available at Lush. It might not melt in your hand, but the sweet wild orange, bergamot oil, and olive leaf absolute will dissolve all the stressors that come with a hangover. Lush Revelations, $6.95, available January 5 at Lush. This ginger oil and mimosa absolute blend smells just like your drink order at brunch — without the hefty price tag. Lush Ginger, $6.95, available January 5 at Lush. Mood: Relaxed This sandalwood oil, vanilla bean, and lemon oil mix might not buy you a plane ticket on days you want to get away from it all, but it will keep your head in the clouds and off your to-do list. Lush Floating Island, $5.95, available January 5 at Lush. The lavender and chamomile oil will put you to sleep faster than this Lush favorite. Lush Dreamtime, $6.95, available January 5 at Lush. It might not actually disappear like it did when Harry browsed the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts library, but the jasmine absolute and ylang ylang oil fragrance is definitely the next best thing. Lush Cloak of Invisibility, $6.95, available January 5 at Lush. This is the kind of sandalwood and violet bath oil you'll actually want to share. Lush Polyamorous, $5.95, available January 5 at Lush. Replace the cocoa powder with chamomile oil and you've got a grown-up hot chocolate you'll want to indulge in every night. Lush Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment, $5.95, available January 5 at Lush. Like this post? There's more. Get tons of beauty tips, tutorials, and news on the Refinery29 Beauty Facebook page. Like us on Facebook — we'll see you there! Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here? Get To Know The Star Ingredient In All Your Favorite Products All The Differences Between A $2 Acne-Fighting Product & A $200 One 14 Ways To Pamper Your Skin All Winter Long

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