Ribbed Back Cardigan
Cotton Slub Stripe Slouchy Top
Cotton Slub Slouchy Top
Cotton Slub Slouchy Top
Cotton Slub Stripe Slouchy Top
Cotton Slub Stripe Slouchy Top
Green Chairs & Knitwear

I felt like our second day in Paris encompassed everything I love about the city. Leisurely breakfasts fuelled by bread, chatter and tea, slow strolls across the city- hopping from arrondissements in search of hidden corners and small boutiques- as well as (and most importantly) brilliant company too. I won’t be able to articulate things half as beautifully as Lizzy– but a certain Ms. Hadfield summed up the company in a perfect blog post that I highly recommend you all check out here. It’s amazing what good company can do for your confidence too. Although when I’m feeling a little delicate (cough, hormonal) I can be partial to knocking myself and oozing niggles of comparison- it’s in company like this that those feelings are melted away- and comfortably replaced by laughter and support- because if anyone’s gonna help a girl perfect her posing it’s this bunch. On top of that, I gotta say that this little get up is one of my favourite Autumnal outfits I’ve put together this year. Definitely one of my less ~considered~ get ups, it’s true that sometimes the best outfits are the ones we barely even think about- and I can comfortably say that a good pair of black jeans and a bright knit will be my go-to even on my most clueless of days. Perhaps it’s the fact I feel a little like Alex Turner circa ‘Cornerstone’ in it (a niche, but worthwhile reference IMO) but there’s something about wearing a pop of colour on a grey day that can lift even the simplest of get ups too. And let’s talk about Jigsaw too. Having been initially encouraged to check them out my my doting nan (she’s exceptionally cool, I promise)- I’m continually impressed by the quality, design and pieces in every collection- and arguably, after seeing the girls kindly model it over our trip in Paris, think their latest could be one of their strongest yet. With paintbox bright coats in rich caramels, minty teals and fuchsia pinks- as well as beautifully crafted cashmere and tailoring- it’s no wonder I’ve not taken these jeans off since our trip last week. On top of that, their new campaign; ♥ Immigration- hits on the head why they’re such an integral player on the British high street. I’ll let you read their full (and perfectly put) manifesto here– but seeing a key brand of the British high street talk about it’s multifaceted, exciting and diverse heritage is really what we need to be celebrating. Not only when it comes to style and talent- but simply individuals; and something that shows that they’re far more than just ruddy good knitwear and jeans too… (Jumper: C/O Jigsaw, Jeans: C/O Jigsaw, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Zara, Earrings: C/O Alison Fern, Sunglasses: Monki) Photos by Renata Kats x SaveSave The post Green Chairs & Knitwear appeared first on What Olivia Did.

Crocus Drape Stitch Blouse
Silk Front Long Sleeve Top
Silk Front Wind Spiral Jumper
Crocus Drape Stitch Blouse
Cashmere Snow Pattern Jumper
Cameron Robbins Embroidery Jumper
Crocus Drape Stitch Blouse
Halo Finish Cashmere Nova Jumper
Modal Lace Vest
Colour Block Stripe Jumper
Wool Cashmere Blend Rolled Poncho
Halo Finish Cashmere Nova Jumper
Halo Finish Cashmere Nova Jumper
Colour Block Stripe Jumper
Fleece Merino Raglan Jumper
Retro Stripe Jersey T-Shirt
A - Bi-Colour Drape Neck Silk Top
Pima Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Pima Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt
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A- Ruffle Shirt
Cable Cuff Jumper
Velvet Front Jumper
Chenille Jumper
Knitted Zip Back Jumper
Northern Bloom Silk Front Top
Cashmere Seafarer Cardigan
A - Silk Shirt
Silk Shirt
A - Mixed Lace Top
Technical Knitted Zip Neck Hoodie
Rib Back T-Shirt
Snow Patterns Tux Blouse
Colour Block Cashmere Jumper
Rib Back Jumper
Sparkle Half Sleeve Jumper
Sparkle V Neck Jumper
Mohair Balloon Sleeve Jumper
Angled Rib Jumper
A - Mixed Ruffle Top
Wind Spiral Beaded Top