Dark purple spen zip neck micro fleece
Turquoise spen zip neck micro fleece
Pink 'Cadwyn' fleece sweater
Grey 'Cadwyn' fleece sweater
Blue 'Cadwyn' fleece sweater
Green 'Solenne' fleece sweater
B5533 Microfleece jacket…

Long time no see! I’ve been visiting family and doing a lot of sewing. A couple nice keepers and one miserable failure (future posts). Here’s a recently sewn jacket, a variation of a favorite pattern from Butterick. It’s done in ‘Taxi Yellow’ microfleece from Fabric Mart, and it kept me warm through 5 cold days in Orlando last week. Nice! I first made this pattern 4 years, with a lined hood taken from a cape pattern, B5807. It fit perfectly on the View A neckline! It was also fleece, but was a very lightweight and stable variety from JoAnns. My new jacket is mid-weight fleece and has a lot more stretch. This time, I used View A for the front, and View B for the back. So far I haven’t put on the pockets, but I think I will, since I keep reaching for them. Mine have rounded corners at the bottom, pretty cute. Something else I rounded was the point on the collar. I just didn’t want to struggle with the point and end up with a rounded collar anyway because of the bulky fabric! I generally avoid the angst of sewing buttonholes in fleece, so I used four snaps (size 4) for closure – with buttons sewn in place on the outside. Works great. I just love the back detail and two-piece sleeves. Sewing notes: Size 12. To break up the front a bit, I cut it with a yoke. I used 3/8″ topstitching throughout. There was lots of staystitching and basting during the construction! Although the fleece has no vertical stretch, it has 80% stretch across the width. Had to tame that beast… The sleeves on the pattern are short – I added 1″. Fusible interfacing doesn’t work on fleece, so I used sewn-in broadcloth interfacing on the collar and front facing. I raised the armscye by 1/2″ at the shoulder to compensate for the stretch in the material. And I flattened the sleeve head quite a bit to fit the armscye with no gathers. For a little Jungle January fun, I faced the back yoke with an animal print. It also serves as a facing for the back neckline. It’s almost 7 p.m, time for the Australian Tennis Open! Bye for now – Coco

Blue 'Solenne' fleece sweater
Beige 'Solenne' fleece sweater
Green 'Elayna' fleece sweater
Pink 'Elayna' fleece sweater
Grey 'Elayna' fleece sweater
Green 'Chantile' fleece sweater
Unknown 'Chantile' fleece sweater
Blue 'Chantile' fleece sweater
Pink 'Darlene' fleece sweater
Grey 'Darlene' fleece sweater
Blue 'Darlene' fleece sweater
Grey 'Courtesy' core stretch sweater
Purple 'Courtesy' core stretch sweater
Black 'Crosswise' sweater
Grey 'Mantilla' fleece sweater
Purple 'Mantilla' fleece sweater
Blue 'Elayna' fleece sweater
Blue 'Seline' half zip fleece
Blue 'Robson' hybrid fleece
Black 'Robson' hybrid fleece
Green 'Laney' fleece
Pink 'Laney' fleece
Grey 'Laney' fleece
Pink 'Solenne' fleece sweater
Black 'Fayona' fleece
Purple 'Floreo' fleece
Pink 'Clemance' fleece
Purple 'Clemance' fleece
Blue 'Clemance' fleece
Off white 'Clemance' fleece
Black 'Clemance' fleece
Grey 'Robson' hybrid fleece
Green 'Rocknell' hybrid fleece
Blue 'Mons' fleece
Pink 'Mons' fleece
Purple 'Mons' fleece
Grey 'Mons' fleece
Blue 'Ramosa' fleece hoody
Orange 'Ramosa' fleece hoody
Grey 'Ramosa' fleece hoody
Red 'Ramosa' fleece hoody
Green 'Tarnis' fleece hoody