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Concealer: which texture you need, how to apply it (and when!) and how to choose the right shade for you

Nobody has perfect skin. Really! We should all be prepared to wake up with a spot, dark circles, or perhaps with a blotchy face one day. This is why concealer was even conceived, but you have to make sure you pick the right color and texture, if you want your concealer to be really useful: choosing the wrong hue might make matters even worse! So, read our tips, pay attention and make some notes, then choose the right concealer for you! What’s the problem? Well, if it’s about just covering a little pimple, all you need to do is apply the concealer where needed. If you’re dealing with couperose or blotchy skin, blend it as much as possible, to mix it with your foundation properly. As for dark circles, make sure you don’t just apply concealer under your eyes: the ideal way to apply it is to try to create a triangle, whose two angles start from the end of your eye and go down onto your cheeks, to then form the third corner. Remember to blend it all well. The ideal texture: how to choose it, according to skin type. You can choose among liquid, cream, stick and pen concealers. Liquid ones work best for mature and dry skins, and they are very useful for small blemishes. Concealer creams are great for combination skin, and they take care of the issue quite effectively, as do concealer sticks. Concealer powder is recommended for those with oily skin. Concealer pens often double as highlighters, and they are great for covering dark circles. The drier the concealer, the better it is for covering pimples — really make sure you don’t forget this one, because who hasn’t experienced the catastrophe that is a sudden spot? The right color for any problem. Just like foundation, the right concealer must be chosen according to your skin’s undertone. Go for a rather pink nuance if your skin has a warm undertone, and choose a rather beige one if your undertone is cold. Some specific colors can also help with specific issues: green works for blotchy skin; orange is good for covering bluish, dark circles; lilac is good for darker circles, and nude and beige hues are excellent for covering pimples. This is why it would be a good idea to own a palette which includes all these colors, plus one that works for your skin tone specifically, which you can use at the end to finish the job, to make all your blemishes even more invisible. When should concealer be applied? There is no specific golden rule for this, establishing whether you should apply concealer before or after foundation, it all depends on the product you use. If your foundation is very opaque, concealer can be your last step. If your foundation is lightweight, and doesn’t cover your blemishes, then it’s best to apply your concealer first, and if you can’t cover it all, apply it again after foundation. As for how to apply it, this also depends on the product. You can apply it with a sponge, with your fingertips or with a brush — especially if you’re using concealer cream. All noted? All you need to do now is go and get inspired by our gallery!

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