Box tops

Vintage Kitchen Bread Box - Cutting Board Top
Metallic Box Knit Top
Plus Bridget Box Pleat Bardot Top
Zoe Heavy Knitted Oversized Box Top Set
Petite Jess Volume Sleeve Velvet Box Top
Box Pleat Peplum Top
A Few of My Favorite [Gift] Things

This is not sponsored content. I own and/or personally recommend all of these items. Movie  /  Atomizer One, Two, Three  /  Corkcicle Arctican  /  PurSteam Speaker  /  Game  /  Relax Rose  /  Rifle Paper Co. Planner The best Christmas movie of all time, the fragrance atomizer I use for traveling, an Arctican to keep beverages cold, the travel steamer that works well enough to use at home too, a cute portable speaker, a fun new game we are totally getting, the prettiest pink bottle for an easy hostess gift, and a 2018 planner for your Type A friends!   Earrings  /  Bling Dots  /  Earrings Earrings  /  Earrings  /  Earrings The best accessory (statement earrings) + the invention that makes them work for anyone - BlingGuard Bling Dots! These magic little discs give your ears a "lift" making even the most heavy earrings possible for anyone to wear. The ultimate stocking stuffer for your fashion-loving friends! Nordstrom  /  Amazon  /  Amazon Take a break from holiday shopping for a sec to think about your own needs - your denim needs, that is. Nothing is more important in your closet than a good pair of jeans. These three are my current go-tos. From left to right - for a night out, for every single day, and for really casual days. LOVE them all. Tee  /  Clutch  /  Coat Dress  /  Clutch  /  Necklace  /  Pom tassel Earrings  /  Gift box  /  Top The most perfect cotton t-shirt, it comes in 10 colors, and it's only $18. Plus more great fair trade gift ideas from a few of my favorites - Everlane, Noonday, Elegantees, Reformation and Deux Mains! Shoes  /  Belt Necklace  /   Ring  /  Clutch  /  Shoes I own all of these accessories, highly recommend and will be wearing them on the reg this holiday season! They make a great gift - for Santa to put under the tree for you, or for your bestie or sister. One  /  Two  /  Three Four  /  Five  /  Six  /  Seven 1. Required reading for anyone with a creative hobby or career. 2. This coffee table book looks so dreamy. 3. This memoir written by young, dying neurosurgeon is so powerful, I can't recommend it enough. 4. The best, sweetest novel of all time. I've read it too many times to count! 5. A fascinating read about the introverts and extroverts among us and what makes them tick.   6. I waited way too long to read this classic. It's such a treasure. 7. A deeper exploration of the clothes we wear and why beauty is at the center of a woman's heart.  LOFT  /  Forever 21  /  Forever 21  /  NM Last Call Deck your holiday self (or that of your BFF) with the prettiest sleeves. I have #1, 3 and 4 (see blog posts here and here). Loving this trend for the holidays... and as a classic forever.  For more recommendations, Oprah's drool-worthy gift guide is pretty fabulous. I would love to hear your recommendations, too. I've got all my shopping left to do, so please help a sister out! 

Cozy Organic Cotton Box Top
Tweedy Hemp/Cotton Box Top
Washable Wool Box Top
Colorblock Box Top
Kobe Velvet Box Top
Box Plaid Top
Silk Box Top
Knit Box Top
Round Neck Box-Top
Box Ruffle Top
Bateau Neck Box-Top
Embroidered Box Top
Knit Box Top
Stripe Box Top
Box Clip Top
Box Lace Top
Splatter Box Top
Indigo Silk Box Top
Sleeveless Box-Clip Top
Knit Box Top
Patterned Box Top
Senna Box Top
Sequin Box Top
Bambo Box Top
Overlay Box Top
Sequin Box Top
Chabbi Layered Box Top
Digi Box Print Sleeveless Top
Fine Merino Turtleneck Box Top
Silk Box Top - 100% Exclusive
Box Clip Silk-Blend Top
Box Clip Silk-Blend Top
Box Clip Silk-Blend Top
Deep Poly Box Tank Top (For Women)
Digi Box Print Short Sleeve Top
Crisp Organic Cotton/Linen Knit Box Top
Washable Wool Box Top, Plus Size
Silk/Organic-Cotton Interlock Box Top
Velvet 3/4-Sleeve Box Top
Plus Size Metallic Trim Short Sleeve Box Top
Black Box Swim - Amber Racerback Top Style 5
Black Box Swim - Amber Racerback Top Style 4