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    Black Jil Sander long dolman sleeve blouse with split neck featuring bow tie closure.

    Condition: Very Good. Fabric tag illegible; light wear throughout. Measurements: Bust 36", Waist 34", Length 21.5" Fabric Content: Illegible, feels like silk. Designer: Jil Sander

    Item # JIL27698

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    Fashion Hacks to Master in 2018

    We all know the struggle of getting sweat stains on our favorite blouses or having our cashmere sweaters pill like crazy. For our 2018 New Year's resolutions, we want to do everything we can to solve these annoying fashion problems (and help you solve them too). So we've made a list of the fashion hacks that are of the utmost importance to master in order to make your life a little bit easier and a lot more stylish. Bye, stains on your leather boots and wrinkles on your coat. Hello, simple fashionable solutions. Scroll down to find out the fashion hacks you'll want to master in 2018. Use a pumice stone to remove sweater pilling instead of picking the pills off by hand.To avoid wrinkles and creases when packing your coat into a suitcase, turn the coat inside out before you fold it.Remove sweat stains from a blouse or T-shirt by rubbing lemon juice on the affected area.If you have water stains on any of your leather items, spray the stain with a mixture of water and vinegar.Wash your cashmere sweater with baby shampoo to be extra gentle. Up next: Check out these outfit ideas to look even more stylish in 2018.

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